Beware of "Taxi for Sure" in India

My friends were visiting from overseas and with the sole intent of taking them around to a day trip of Belur-Halebid-Sravanabelagola, I decided to book a sedan from Taxi for Sure. They made sure that this is the last time, I ever used them or recommended them. I regret not choosing my regular local service provided who I have trusted for years !!!

  • Booked for a Sedan on 6th March 2015 for 9th March @ 6am online. Received a prompt SMS confirming the booking with no TFS-IC-C11725816.
  • Received a call on 8th March, 2015 confirming and assuring a good driver and pleasant journey
  • Received SMS of a driver named Sunil S with phone number who is supposed to come with KA-41-A-5032 at 6am on 9th March
  • At 6am, Sunil Kumar’s phone no is unanswered after several rings
  • I call the helpline only to hear some expressions of surprise, to be told that I can call an alternative number of Sunil Kumar which I was expected to write down
  • I promptly, curtly refuse and ask the person on the helpline to do that
  • I receive a call in next 10 mins from a rather sleepy person from another number who does not know anything about the booking, place of travel, address etc. He feigns to be Sunil Kumar
  • I call the call centre back and tell him what has happened and then am turned over to a supervisor who I really don’t know why I was talking to. After hearing his willy nilly comments, I had to be rude and disconnect the call. He had the cheek to tell me that 30 minutes delay should not matter to me. Who on earth has given him the permission to decide on my schedule !!
  • After 30 minutes, a car shows up with a different number plate. On asking why the phone no, car no is not matching with the SMS and whether he was Sunil, there is no answer !! I get grumpy looks and angry looks because he thinks I have booked the taxi 15 minutes before and spoilt his sleep.
  • We live with his grumpy looks through the journey, tolerating his conversations on phone while he slowed down the car on multiple occasions
  • At 10am in the morning, I receive an SMS saying the car has arrived – What a joke
  • At 5pm another SMS telling me the bill amount which has been generated by the elusive Sunil Kumar .
  • The journey ends at 9pm. Driver turns out to be one Girijesh -9880542132 ( who was pulled up last minute. We have clocked 516 kms and the bill amount is no way equal to what it finally is. He has no mechanism to call and give me bill on mail. Hands me a paper one and collects his money and leaves. To my horror I realize I have paid him extra. That’s my error !!

…………Taxi For Sure –

  1. Did not bother to check if the taxi was showing up. I would have been patient and accepting had they informed me upfront of the delay and communicated on the change rather than waiting for me to call them.
  2. Did not bother to send an SMS or new car no when the vehicle and driver was changed
  3. Did not update their systems with the change.
  4. Wrong bill prior to journey completion
  5. Final bill not yet sent to me

Travel with this aggregator at your own risk for the sake of convenience and you want to spoil your journey. I will stick to my neighbourhood trustworthy provider !!




7 thoughts on “Beware of "Taxi for Sure" in India

  1. Megcor

    Uber is most professional if we consider Ola and TFS together. I tried them couple of times, and not to be surprised, taxi never arrived.The driver cancelled on last moment and didn’t even bother to inform. In one case the mobile was switched off.

    Uber still does a better job than Ola..

  2. Jayanth Sugavasi

    TaxiForSure has no control on cab fleets and drivers like ola and uber. They are just aggregators,after ola acquisition now they are trying to implement changes and hopefully it will change internal system and drivers behaviour.

    I suggest you use ola ,zoomcar and other small operators for outstation trips. These players are stick towards only city based operations and not good for outstation trips.

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