Beach Hopping in Kerala from Kochi to Alleppey

Every monsoon, I yearn to be near water !! though it may not be the best time of the year to do so. This year, it was Kerala and along side cruising around the back waters, I spent some time on the different beaches in Kochi ( Fort Kochi and Cherai) and Alleppey. The otherwise calm Arabian Sea seemed to be wild and naughty in Alleppey and gregarious in Cherai, quite influenced by its fiery counterpart (Bay of Bengal) on the other side of India. The best part of the beaches was that the sand is not clingy, desiring a free ride home !! Here is a Photo Story of my beach hopping in Kerala.

Fort Kochi Beach

The beach along Fort Kochi is marshy and rocky but walking along the promenade, getting drenched in the rain and peeping at the islands across through the Chinese Fishing Nets has its own charm.  I sat on a rickety bench soaking in the cool breeze and the morning drizzle and yearning to stretch with the rhythm of the waves like the young man or just roll in the sand feeling mother earth up close and personal.

Beach Hopping in KeralaBeach Hopping in Keralaor just stare into the vast wide open watching the world go by and soon it was time to follow the morning walker down the promenade.

Beach Hopping in KeralaBeach Hopping in Kerala

Cherai Beach in Vypin

I spent the afternoon in Cherai Beach in Vypin Island which is just a 5 minute ferry ride away from Fort Kochi watching tender moments of love and care; and

Beach Hopping in Kerala-Cherai Beach Hopping in Kerala-Cherai young men lost in themselves dancing in gay abandon and seeking immortality on sand

Beach Hopping in Kerala-Cherai Beach Hopping in Kerala-Cheraiwhile a group of youngsters stormed into the silence of another while the clouds were ready to break open…

Beach Hopping in Kerala-Cherai Beach Hopping in Kerala-Cherai

Pallithodu Beach near Kochi

A quick break in the coconut tree lined Pallithodu beach during my back water boat ride and finally lazing on Allapuzha beach before boarding the train back home. Allapuzha perhaps is one of the few places where the railway station is almost on the beach.

Beach Hopping in Kerala- Pallithodu

Alleppey Beach right next to the Railway Station

Beach Hopping in Kerala- Alleppey Beach Hopping in Kerala - AlleppeyBeach Hopping in Kerala- Alleppey

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10 thoughts on “Beach Hopping in Kerala from Kochi to Alleppey

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  5. dNambiar

    I know what you mean. Last Aug we spent a couple of days in Cherai and just enjoyed the monsoon weather; it’s not something we do very often. It was so refreshing. Looks like we’d do that again.

    Lovely images, here.
    I hope you are doing well, Sangeeta.

  6. Rajagopal

    You are in my territory, sangeeta, as my home is in Ernakulam, Cochin. Unfortunately, neither did I know your schedule nor am I in India at this point in time, as I am in presently in Johannesburg for a few months, returning only by end October. If it had been otherwise, this would have been an opportunity to meet up at my home….best wishes… Raj.

    1. Sangeeta Post author

      Oh!! It was an impromptu trip. I could have surely taken some tips from you. I loved Kochi, will surely come by again specially since I am plotting and planning for Lakshadweep.

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