Hindola Mahal-Swing Palace of Mandu, India

Its been extended monsoon this year in Bangalore ; overcast sky with occasional glimpse of the sun, just enough to keep me warm on a windy day. I took a long walk in the park and as I watched the children gleefully enjoying on the swing, I remembered about Hindola Mahal also known as the Swing Palace in Mandu. This is located within the Royal Enclosure in Mandu which has other monuments as well.

Hindola Mahal, Royal Enclosure Mandu

Hindola Mahal, Royal Enclosure Mandu

Hindola Mahal is believed to have been constructed around the 15th century by Hoshang Shah but may have reached its completion during the reign of Ghiasuddin Khilji. This T shaped building made of sandstone was used as an audience hall. It does not have ornate gateways, nor does it have intricately sculptured walls, yet it stands out for its simplistic architectural beauty. On a windy July afternoon, I was swept away inside the rectangular hall with high arches and lofty latticed windows. As the light filtered in, I was pondering over the sloping sides, the perfect joints that perhaps did not use mortar ; the wind whistled away a romantic tune, reminding once again, it was monsoon and there was much to see and feel in Mandu.

Hindola Mahal, Royal Enclosure Mandu

Hindola Mahal, Royal Enclosure Mandu

Travel Tip:

Mandu is about 80 kms from Indore and 40 kms from Maheshwar. The closest airport is in Indore. It is best experienced in Monsoon months though the weather is pleasant and charming through July to March. Plan to include Mandu if you are visiting Ujjain and Maheshwar. You can cycle around Mandu for sightseeing or hire a car for the day @ Rs 500-600.

Place to Stay:

MPTDC run Malwa Retreat and Hotel Rupmati are located next to each other on the road to Indore and pretty close to most of the sites. Both the hotels overlook a valley. A first floor room in Malwa Retreat will ensure a view of Jahaz Mahal. MPTDC run Malwa Resort is 3 kms away overlooking the Sagar Lake.

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