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When we are hungry, we eat !! and yet feel hungry and then eat some more !! We are full but it is far from that Aha Moment leading to a burp with a smile:) . The chase for that Aha Moment led to  Zzungry!! They claimed to have 5 star quality Indian Cuisine delivered home. For a change it was what it promised and I am happy to have discovered them.Zzungry Indian Restaurant Home Delivery

They have a select menu including  a la carte as well as combo’s ranging from vegetarian to non vegetarian fare. The menu keeps changing every week so there is variety all the time. I had one of their combos and I must compliment them for the perfect packaging. It was served and sealed well and no messy spillovers when I opened my box.Zzungry Indian Restaurant Home Delivery

I had the Chicken Sholay Kabab which was succulent and juicy and cooked just right. It had the slight touch of coriander which added the zing. The phulkas had a dash of natural colour and flavour ; red with tomato and green with spinach and the jowar paratha with the potato and corn filling was pretty soft. I dipped it into the gravy of the Dum Murgh Nizaami and it all melted in my mouth. For a change there was no tug of war with the rotis and parathas that are home delivered and neither overtly greasy or burnt when served on the table. The gravy was balanced with the cream and the spice and just right for a family with an appetite for different levels of spice. I am a little wary of creamy gravies since they tend to be sweet but this one from Zzungry changed my mind. The chicken in the gravy was surprisingly soft and well cooked. Infact, I could feel the gravy properly soaked in through the pieces which is rarely the case when you order from the neighborhood eatery !! I keep the best for the last and in this case I relished the Pulao with the chicken till the last bite. The rice was well cooked, pristine white and perfectly flavored with crunchy fried onions just like home. A bong with a sweet tooth, I need a sweet bite to finish my meal. That’s what I missed in the combo but never mind a glass of mango lassi partly made it up. Aha-Finally, I burped when no one was watching. Zzungry did add zing to my hunger and I am sure it will add to yours too.

Next time, you want to be pampered with good food and you are lazy to negotiate the city traffic or better still do not want to miss your favourite show and want to be soaked in flavors of India that reminds you of home – Dial Zzungry at 9066022621 !! and you will not be disappointed. Better still, if you are having a party at home or in office, you do the hosting and let Zzungry do the feasting. Order 4 hours in advance and they will not disappoint.

  • Starters ranging from Rs 200-Rs 250
  • Main Course ranging from Rs Rs 200-300
  • Accompaniments –  Roti/Kulcha/Paratha @ Rs 40 and the Pulao @ Rs 100
  • Combo’s @ Rs 250/-Rs 350/- serves only 1 person

My pictures hardly do justice to what I savored since I was busy – you know why 🙂 Visit http://www.zzungry.com to check out the changing menu, have a peek at their pictures and place your order.

About Zzungry:

When 2 chefs (Sandeep and Ashish) and 1 foodie (Subhash) met over their common passion for flavors and taste from the royal kitchens of India ; they set on a path to add zing to hunger and Zzungry was born!! There is more zing to come I am told and am watching to tickle my taste buds with Zzungry. With food start ups and restaurants opening every other day in Bangalore and closing even faster, Zzungry is surely in for a long haul !!


We met on the occasion of 17th FBAB (Food Bloggers Association) Bangalore at Chaipatty, Indiranagar, Bangalore for some great conversation over Zzungry food

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