Celebrating a Lake- Kere Habba; Bangalore

Once upon a time garden and lake city is slowly overburdened over the years !! It was that time of the year to celebrate the beauty of the lake and its inhabitants (birds, trees, butterflies et al) with different activities. “Kere” – Lake and “Habba” Festival was a celebration of Kaikondrahalli Lake in South East Bangalore. While people bird watched by the side trying to get a peek at the beauties through the mist, others sat in quiet contemplation with yogic breathing.

Children collected the fallen flowers and decorated the pathways while some others indulged in some forgotten games that would be played in street corners and lanes years ago!! While we munched through the sumptuous food, there was classical music and a quiz contest on nature too. What a lovely way to come together and celebrate nature and remember that we all have a role to play in sustainability. Now in its 2nd year of celebration, it was a great show.

Mark your calendars for the next edition on the second saturday of January !!

All Pictures taken with Asus Zenfone Laser 2. With every passing day, I am loving this phone with its brightness, DOF, Zoom features !!

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