Impermanence as experienced in Kudle Beach, Gokarna

Sometimes we forget, we are here on earth with an expiry date, nothing is permanent; this body, the successes, the joys, the sadness, the feelings of emptiness and everything around us. I have been fortunate to have attended institutions of repute; taught by the finest teachers which helped me to be productive and earn a living for myself. In all this, some lessons in life are never taught, how to accept failure and disappointment, how to start from scratch all over again; how to accept, forgive and move on. These are hard knocks of life, which are learnt through experiences in the journey of life.

Nature has been my best teacher and a few days ago, while I was strolling on Kudle Beach in Gokarna with a camera in hand, my gaze turned to a father and his two kids while their mother looked on. Gorukana-Kudle BeachThey seem to be absorbed in making a castle with sand, building it up slowly, rebuilding when something fell apart and continuing to give it shape.Gorukana-Kudle Beach

Then suddenly there was this huge wave which destroyed everything and all that remained was a watery froth of sand. Gorukana-Kudle BeachThe girl was heart broken; looking for her Elsinor Castle ( they were from Denmark) while her father consoled her and her little brother looked on. Gorukana-Kudle BeachThen he sweetly, asked his dad to make another one !! Gorukana-Kudle BeachIt is not about that one impermanent sand castle ; it is about life which is impermanence in motion. If we are conditioned to it earlier on; made to see impermanence and uncertainty with loving eyes; maybe we will live better as adults; appreciate all the good that happens us and pick up the threads of our life from every low moment.

Of the many beaches in Gokarna, Kudle Beach is the cleanest and easily accessible from most resorts including Om Beach Resort in the area and is dotted with numerous cafes and shacks; the most popular being Namaste Cafe. My stay in Gokarna at Om Beach Resort ( belongs to Jungle Lodges and Resorts) which is located 3 kms away from the beach was sponsored by I am grateful for a delightful stay at their property.

Travel Tip: Gokarna is about a 100 kms South of Goa and easily accessible by bus and car. Gokarna is about 500 kms from Bangalore and is connected by road and rail. The bus journey is about 10 hours while the train journey is a good 16 hours. Apart from the beaches, Gokarna is famous for the Atma Linga (Shiva’s Soul) in Mahabaleshwar Temple.

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