Romancing the Flowers (Rhododendrons) in Eastern Himalayas!!

I trekked in Eastern Himalayas (Sikkim, Darjeeling, Arunachal) in Spring for consecutive years and between the unforgettable views, long walks, wild winds and chilling cold; I remember those stolen moments of romance with the flowers. They bloom along the mountain side breaking into a splash of red, different shades of pink and  yellow, an occasional blue and of course the white and super white. Here is a photo journey from Goechala Trail in Sikkim and Sandakphu Trail in West Bengal. Sandakphu_Pink_Flower

Darjeeling_Pink_RoseGoechala Trek with Wildboots; RhododendronsSandakphu_White_MagnoliaI would often find an excuse to sit under a rhododendron tree or a magnolia tree quietly hoping for that shower of blessings. The pretty pinks on the Sandakphu Trail had a heavenly fragrance and I enjoyed their company until the guide came along and warned me that it could lead to head ache.Sandakphu_Flower_Bud

Sandakphu_White_MagnoliasSandakphu_Red_RhododendronsSandakphu_White_FlowerWhen you are in this part of the Himalayas; in between those snow capped peaks and the rugged rustic mountains, look out for these pretty blooms who often break the monotony of green and brown and sometimes make a coy appearance as sun and mist tease each other for supremacy over the hills. “Aaoge Jab Tum o Saajna Aangna Ful Khilenge” As nature sang this tune, I hummed along and romanced the flowers in the Himalayas. The blushing pink, the pristine white and the bold red welcomed us with open arms…Sandakphu_White_Magnolia_Mist

oechala Trek with Wildboots; RhododendronsSandakphu_Rhododendron_BloomSandakphu_Magnolia_BranchTravel Tip:

  • Best Time for these 2 Trails : March to May & September to November
  • Duration: Sandakphu is 5-6 days; Goechala is 10-11 days
  • Level of Difficulty:
    • Sandakphu is Easy (Tea house Trek) and has road access; Highest Point @ 12,900ft
    • Goechala is Difficult. The highest point @16,000 ft
  • Views: 
    • Sandakphu: Kanchenjunga Range, Everest, Makalu, Lhotse etc
    • Goechala : Kanchenjunga Range, Pandim, Kabru etc
  • Begining Point:
    • Sandakphu: Maneybhanjan in West Bengal; 5 hours from NJP Station/Bagdogra
    • Goechala : Yuksom in Sikkim; 6 hours from NJP Station/Bagdogra

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