Connection, Interconnection and Emotions

Life is a series of events, some connected some interconnected and some seemingly transactional but if you see through the eyes that are located deep within your heart; you find a different meaning for every moment. Darjeeling-Sandakphu-Kalapokhari-Lady

I was trekking in the hills near Darjeeling last week. We were setting out of our modest lodge in Kalapokhari when I walked till the edge of the village to take one last look at the blessed lake. I was walking briskly to warm up for the trudge ahead when I heard a call, some chatter and a toffee was thrown down at me. All this between chants from the Ist floor of a house in the mountains. I looked up to find a pair of kind and smiling eyes looking down at me with love while she mumbled away with her rosary !!

I lost my grand mother (thakuma) some time back, she was my source of unconditional love and support. At that moment, I felt from somewhere up there she was seeking me out through this lady; wishing me a happy journey ahead, reminding me that she is around, just a thought away if I ever need her help. I smiled in happiness and conversed in garbled language with this grand mother!!

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