Fattoush ~ A multicuisine with Arabian Delicacies !!

Bangalore has become a hub of Pan Indian and World cuisine over the last few years. Every now and then, I hop into some place to experience a new taste that gives me a glimpse into culinary styles and food preparation. When I was invited for the Blogger’s Table in Fattoush, I was looking forward to the Arabian cuisine. Fattoush the new multi cuisine place in Bangalore,named after a famed Middle Eastern salad-presents a mish mash of 3 different cuisines- Arabian, North Indian and Chinese.Fattoush Restaurant Mocktails

We indulged into some really nice mocktails, colorful but mostly on the sweeter side. However, Green Fair which had the tinge of Kandhari Chilly along with Passion fruit opened up my taste buds. I was specially offered a glass of Lady Mist very sweet which came in handy to counter the spice in the Lal Maas. I quite liked the Green Mango which was a close cousin of the Aam Panna that I absolutely heart.

Arabian Cuisine:  

Sheesh Tawook, Mutton Yoghurt, Mini Mix Grill, Mandi Mutton & Kabsa Dejaj. The Sheesh Tawook (Chicken) and Mutton Yoghurt  starters were presented in a very unique way with the skewers hanging from a metal ring. These were accompanied by bowls of hummus though I was secretly expecting the garlicky tahini sauce. Sheesh (skewers) chicken(tawook) was very tender and well cooked and the spices seem to have rubbed in well. The mutton could have been tenderized a little more but the smoky flavour  made of for it. The Mini Mix Grill was grilled mutton and chicken served with Pita Bread and some diced lemony salad. Had a small portion rolled into the Pita with some salad and it was something like a Doner Kebab.Fattoush Restaurant Bangalore Kabsa Dejaj

The revelation of the evening was the Kabsa Dejaj (Chicken) and the Mandi Mutton which are Arabian versions of our desi Biryani or pulao. Both these dishes were served with cucumber salad, bowls of brinjal gravy and a tomato puree based sauce (Dakkous) and presented in a similar manner. The smoked pieces of Chicken and Mutton pieces placed on top but had a distinct flavour and taste. The Kabsa seemed to have saffron and cooked with lots of roasted ground bay leaves, cardamon, cloves which gave it that distinct yellow colour and flavour. Both were instant hits with me and I will go back for more as a welcome change from the standard Biryani. Unlike Biryani these dishes are not cooked in layers. The meat is cooked separately with just spices in the tandoor or oven without ginger and garlic which gives the crunchy texture on top. Fattoush Restaurant Bangalore Mandi Mutton

Indian Cuisine:

Malai Tikka, Tiranga Paneer, Dal Fry, Pahadi Murg, Lal Maas and Naan. Both the starters were good and the Malai Tikka was specially tender and was simply perfect. Tiranga Paneer is nothing but paneer tikka made from 3 different marinations that render that colour.

Pahadi Murg was standard fare but the Dal Fry is one of the best that I have had in the recent times. The Lal Maas was fiery red and given that I have had this traditional princely Rajput dish in different places in Rajasthan, I was apprehensive. I scooped out some gravy and mutton in a naan and the mutton was melt in the mouth soft and squishy just like it is expected to be. The gravy was a little too thick and can have a better authentic touch if it is cooked without tomatoes. I must compliment them for the naans and tandoori roti which were soft and really cooked well. They did not turn stiff and rubbery even after getting cold, Fattoush Restaurant Bangalore

Chinese Cuisine:

Red Dragon Chicken, Crispy Chilly Babycorn & Chicken Black Pepper Fried Rice. The Red Dragon Chicken and Babycorn is just the way you expect them to be, very much desi Chinese. I had a spoonful of the Chicken Black Pepper Fried Rice without any accompaniment and it was well prepared with the right balance of taste. Infact, if a fried rice can stand the ground on its own without leaning on some side dish then it has passed the taste with flying colours.

Finally, came the Falooda and Matka Kulfi. The Falooda in a tall glass did not seem to have much of vermicelli but loads of ice cream. I had a small helping of Falooda and completely concentrated on the Kulfi which was at its creamy best.Fattoush Restaurant Bangalore

Overall, the food and ambience in Fattoush wins me over completely and the only regret I have is not having tasted Fattoush in Fattoush !! I will go back for the Arabian menu since there are not too many places which present that in a nice relaxed atmosphere.


Located very conveniently on Bannerghatta Road right opposite to the prestigious IIM Bangalore, it is a nice, airy, family friendly place. Incase, you happen to be there in the evening, take a seat by the window occasionally watching the Bangalore traffic whizzing by, dig into some Arabian dishes, some succulent kababs  and sip into your mocktails while the indulgent staff take care of you and spoil you with their fantastic food and service !!

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