Symphony of Comfort & Warmth in Sound Garden Hotel, Warsaw

The best and cheapest stay during my recent 24 day trip around a few countries in Europe turned out to be the smartest and the most comfortable. I was flying out of Warsaw pretty early in the morning and I wanted to stay close to Chopin Airport. While searching the net, I chanced upon Sound Garden Hotel in Warsaw and immediately discovered an online partner where a room was available on sale for a very low rate (EUR 25 without breakfast). I was a bit apprehensive at first since the reviews were mixed, some kind and a few unkind ranting about issues that left me wondering. I decided to take the plunge, specially to experience their smart network and ladies floor. Sound Garden Hotel in Warsaw has just taken a step ahead with IOT (Internet of Things) and this geek is extremely happy to have made the choice to stay in that hotel.

Checking In and Checking Out of Sound Garden Hotel

I came across a lot of negative reviews for the Self Check In Process but I had a great experience, finding it simple and easy. It is very similar to generating your boarding pass at the airport kiosk. The lady at the reception was eager to help though I could manage on my own. I was assigned a room on the Ladies Floor which is the top most Floor of the Hotel since I was traveling alone. I did not have to pay any deposit as my 2 night stay was prepaid. A deposit is required if the stay is not paid upfront. I was told that the access to the Wi Fi was through the TV in the room and was eager to experience the smart network. The Wi-Fi network in the common area like reception and restaurant was open though a bit slow.

The plush new elevators are smart too. I noticed that each floor was designed around music like jazz, pop, nature, rock and the ladies floor had the theme as Silence. The elevator silently moved and allowed me to alight at Floor 6 once I had swiped my key card. I felt I had just walked into the reception of a Spa with the sound of rippling water, soothing, gentle, calming. The two relaxation chairs, warm lights, flickering candles and rack full of books just made it cosy and comfortable. I could not thank myself enough for booking this hotel for my last 2 nights in Europe before I headed home.Warsaw Sound Garden Hotel Ladies Floor

Checking out for me was a breeze. All I had to do was drop the access card in a box located in the elevator. My room was paid upfront and I had also cleared the restaurant bill the previous evening.Sound Garden Hotel Check Out

Rooms at the Sound Garden Hotel

The room was small, simple and cosy. It can be a little congested for 2 but for a solo traveler it was perfect. The bedside tables had curved modern sleek bed lamps that could be controlled with a smart switch. The bed table was laid out with chocolates and 2 bottles of health rejuvenating drink Voda. The bed linen was spotlessly clean and comfortable. The cabinet next to it had enough space and hangars for my clothes.Warsaw Sound Garden Hotel Ladies Room

After a quick recce of the room, I switched on the TV with the remote and the screen lit up with different options including one for accessing Wi-Fi. As soon as I clicked on Wi-Fi; the screen displayed the network I had to access along with the password. I was sorted within a minute and the speed was pretty good. This 21st century Wi-Fi addiction to remain connected at every opportunity is something that I have also succumbed to.

The bathroom was decent and I have been to hotels with smaller bathrooms and shower cubicles in other European Hotels so this was actually comfortable. It was stocked with everything I needed including a hair dryer, mineral water and the regular stuff. I read about a lot of people complaining about transparent doors for the bathroom but I did not have the issue. Maybe they took extra care for the ladies floor.

All the rooms are sound proof and there was pin drop silence in the room even though I was overlooking the road and an office complex. I could only hear soothing music once I stepped out of the room in the corridor. Being a Yoga Practitioner, I loved the melodious music, it had an instant calming effect in busy Warsaw.

Voda Collagen ~ Healthy welcome in the Ladies Room 

The pink bottle of Voda Collagen with a hint of pomegranate were pretty interesting. The subtle flavour of pomegranate in Voda Naturlna with a tinge of sweetness loaded with Vitamin C and Collagen (protein) kept me energised through the day. It was nice and relaxing after a long day around Warsaw too.

Warsaw Sound Garden Hotel Voda Collagen

Food at Sound Garden Hotel

The restaurant is on the ground floor right next to the reception. It is an open area with small wooden tables and candles all around. The counters serve sumptuous breakfast for a few hours in the morning, different cuisines at attractive rates during lunch hour and it is a-la-carte in the evening. I left too early on both days to experience breakfast and returned way after lunch so had the opportunity to experience dinner. The menu caters to different palates including Italian, Wok, Stir Fries, Soups, Salads and the local Polish cuisine. I indulged in the breaded Pork Chops locally known as “Kotlet Schabowy” which came with grilled potatoes and salad. It was well done and delicious for 8 EUR. Something similar in Warsaw or elsewhere in the continent was way more expensive. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised since I was warned in Krakow about the bland food in Warsaw. The desserts at the bar counter appeared pretty attractive but was way too full to go sample themSound Garden Hotel Kotlet Schabowy

Staff at Sound Garden Hotel

Warsaw is not particularly warm be it the weather or the people around compared to Krakow. Maybe language is a barrier or may be tourists are not as much appreciated on the streets of the modern business city but the staff at Sound Garden be it at the reception or at the restaurant were very forthcoming, friendly and spoke English. Thank You ladies and gentleman for the fine experience.

Airport Transfer To and From Sound Garden Hotel

The hotel provides free airport shuttle only for guests who directly book on their website. The hotel is located about 10 mins from the airport and easily accessible by bus no 175. On the way from the airport, the stop (Novotel) is just in front of the hotel. On the way back to the airport stop across the road can be reached by a footbridge which also has an attached elevator to transport luggage. The buses are available almost every 20 minutes from 5 am to midnight. In the interim period there is a bus no N32 which runs the same route. Bus 175 leads to Warsaw Central Station, Warsaw City Centre finally culminating close to Old Town.

It is better to buy the ticket for a Normal Single Way Journey from the Automat while boarding the bus since the drivers may not have change or tickets. Some buses have fitted ticket machines which do not accept coins and accept specific kinds of cards only. If you are traveling on the bus; ensure that you have been given a “Normal Ticket for a 20 minute Ride” at the minimum.

Online Booking for “Sound Garden Hotel”

The hotel is available for booking through different online partners. I booked through Make My Trip in India and got a deal. However, there are some added benefits if booked directly through them so click here

The booking was done nearly 2 months in advance and for a weekend which may have led to a low rate for a cosy smart hotel which is primarily aimed at business travelers. Highly recommend for ladies who are visiting Warsaw solo for a day or two for business or tourism !! Having said that I recommend it for everyone 🙂

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