Bamboo Art from Bengal, India

It was a festive evening in Kolkata and while I watched well dressed men, women and children turned out in their finest with a spring in their step my eyes did not miss the stall selling art pieces across the road. I stopped by at the stall chatting with the artist who gladly showed me all his pieces and described his art while attending to his customers who were attracted by the jewelry on display. Bamboo Art is popular in Kerala, Bengal and other eastern or north eastern states of India but the pictures and details in this post is from Bengal.

Bamboo Art from IndiaBamboo Art from IndiaBamboo Art from India

All the stuff that I photographed is hand made as in carved out of bamboo manually. After that it is sanded to make it smooth and then burnt to get the colour as well as to harden the piece. Finally, it is varnished for that rich brownish glossy hue. I was very attracted to the fish though I knew that they cannot be consumed but more from a Feng Shui perspective.

Bamboo Art from IndiaI admired the fine work and smooth finish of the pendants, neck pieces, chains and bangles which complete the ethnic natural look with linen and cotton outfits but was actually left mesmerized by the carved statues of the manifestation of the Mother Goddess in a tribal avatar.

Bamboo Art from IndiaI noticed that the artisan was as interested in speaking to me and sharing his art form though I purchased a couple of fish pieces as he was selling his jewelry pieces to other customers. When I pointed this out, he very happily admitted that very few people show interest in their lives, their art and their hopes and he did not want to miss that opportunity.

If you happen to visit the Shantiniketan area, look up the artisan I met for anything that you may want to see or purchase:  Byasdeb Laha 94750036656 from Village – Babuiya, Konarpur, Near Shantiniketan, Birbhum, West Bengal, India

If you are visiting other places in India where you find similar work being done, I will be happy to know their details and publish on the net.

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