Bird Sanctuaries of Gujarat in India

It is that time of the year in India when there is nip in the air and the usual hot, humid weather has made way for the cool and calm. This is the best time to tour India and while tourists are arriving by air with visa in India to experience the vibrant colours of India, another set of tourists are also arriving quietly by air to experience the warmth of India – yes I am referring to the migratory birds from far north. They are all over the country, each one choosing their own little home in a corner of India for warmth and comfort. The album in this comprises of birds seen in the Bird Sanctuaries of Gujarat, while driving around Kutch, in the small water bodies here and there and in Mandvi Beach specially the Siberian Crane, The flaming flamingo, the uber green parakeet and others..

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  1. Wild Ass Sanctuary
  2. Nal Sarovar Sanctuary
  3. Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary
  4. Chhari Dand
  5. Banni Grass Lands

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