Tree Art in Cubbon Park , Bangalore

After more than a year, I dragged myself to Cubbon Park early this morning. Bangalore had earned the distinction of Garden City for this patch of green in the its lung centre. With the air pollution growing as fast as the traffic and population, its a different world within the 125 year old park in Bangalore. Every Sunday is a special Sunday in Cubbon Park with joggers, runners, jay walkers, exhibitions, dance and music programs, organic greens and everything you can think of. After a brisk walk and jog, pausing to listen to early morning sanskrit chants to which a classical dancer glided into Bharata Natyam poses, it was a lively atmosphere. What caught my attention was the meticulously and thoughtfully created Tree Art within Cubbon Park, made from the trunks of trees, passing on a message of lasting friendship of humans, trees and animals…

All pictures are taken with Asus Zenfone 2

Travel Tip: Visit Cubbon Park in the morning around 6.30am to 7am and enjoy a lungful of fresh air in Bangalore Visit Cubbon Park in the evening with children for some of the joy rides and the aquarium next door. Located at the end of M G Road.

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  3. I visited Cubbon park in late 90s while on a family trip. Back then, I just saw a huge park and asked my parents to take me to a better interesting place instead. But after reading ur post, I feel like going back and discovering what I missed out!

  4. These pics are lovely.. I have been to banglore only twice.. Both the times it was a quick visit..couldn’t see around much other than the malls.. would definitely want to try these places on a longer visit..😊

  5. I have been to cubbon park many times during my bangalore visit … passing through on my way to some other place. it has always fascinated me with it’s tall green trees, but I never could actually visit this one. When I last visited Bangalore few years back, the traffic in the park had grown manifold. Enjoy reading this post.