Stone Grilled Fish in Big Brewsky, Bangalore

I am quite fond of grills and roasts and when I saw the Stone Grilled Grouper on the menu, I looked no further. I am not so fond of pub and bar food but Big Brewsky in Bangalore know their food, their presentation as much as they know their brew. The restaurant has an antique rustic feel to it with low seating tables in the inside and garden chair arrangement outside. Frankly, I was so excited with my order that I really did not go through the entire menu. Bangalore BigBrewsky Stone Grilled Fish

The fish arrived on a hot stone placed on a wooden platter. I was warned to not touch the stone lest it burn my fingers. I wondered whether they had cooked it on a pan or grilled it in a oven and then placed it on a stone. I carefully scooped off the fish grilled to perfection and it melted in my mouth. The layers of the grouper fillet were perfectly marinated and the subtle taste of the spices did not overpower the taste of the fish. I had to scrape the stone to get my last bite and it made me feel that they had indeed grilled it on hot stone.

Its like going back a full circle to what they did in earlier times, cooking on stone, heated in fire or sun and retaining its nutrients !! I rounded it off with my Lemon Cheese Cake from Big Brewsky!!

If you are in Big Brewsky and you have your own favourites, yet I would urge you to give this a try  and I am sure you will not regret it.

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