Prag Mahal in Bhuj ~ A Photo Essay

Prag Mahal was built in the 19th century in Bhuj. The construction of this Italian Gothic style palace was commissioned in 1865 by Rao Pragmalji II the ruler of Jadeja Kutch clan at that time. It was finally completed during the tenure of his son, Rao Khengarji III.

Prag Mahal is built using sandstone from India and Italian Marble. It was extensively damaged during the Bhuj Earthquake of 2001 and has not recovered ever since due to paucity of funds. The lack of proper upkeep is apparent all over and even the multi crore Bollywood movies being shot here (Lagaan starring Amir Khan) has not changed its fortune greatly.

Opening Hours: 9am to 12am; 3pm to 6pm.

Entry Fee :          Rs 20 + Camera Fee of Rs 50

Visit Duration:   1 hour or so. Combine with Aaina Mahal located next to it and avoid visiting on Thursday when Aaina Mahal is closed.

Prag Mahal

The clock tower at the corner of the building lends the Gothic look to the building.Prag Mahal

As we waited around to enter Prag Mahal, pigeons flew around the buildingPrag Mahal

On the other side was the living quarters which have now been rendered unfit for living. The pretty ornate Jharokhas stood outPrag Mahal

Finally, we made an entry through the entry hall that led to the staircase leading to the higher floors and the clock towerPrag Mahal

The Durbar Hall was closed and other halls were under renovation. Got a glimpse of the hall on the top which was used as a music room. The paint was peeling all over and it was a sad state of a one time well maintained palacePrag Mahal

We stepped out into the clock tower viewing area. Bhuj looked beautiful from the top. My gaze stopped at the Gothic styled windows peeping out of the roof where the pigeons were seated; not quite appreciating human intrusion. Prag Mahal

As we were walking down; I could spot a lot of parrots peeping out from corners; swinging on ropes and poles. The otherwise worn out Prag Mahal looked beautiful while the sun was busy playing hide and seek.Prag Mahal

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