Descent from Kashmir Great Lakes- Journey through Infinite Mist

After a 6 day trek through breath taking locales finally it was time to descend to Earth :). We had enjoyed excellent weather through the days and what we experienced while descending the 4000 feet through steep, slippery, muddy pathways was way beyond all expectation and preparation.

  1. Trek Day 1: Walking through Green Meadows, Kashmir
  2. Trek Day 2: Lush Meadows, Rocky Patches and a Crystal Lake, Kashmir
  3. Trek Day 3: Date with Alpine Lakes, Kashmir
  4. Trek Day 4: Icy Stream, Limpid Lakes and an elusive Mountain, Kashmir
  5. Trek Day 5: Rocky Paths lead to Heaven, Kashmir
  6. Trek Day 6: Beside the Heavenly Lakes (Gangbal and Nundkol)


Day 7: Descent (Harmukh -Gangbal 11500 feet to Naranag 7500 feet)

It was a cool, windy morning and we set off by crossing the tree trunk that lay over the icy stream fulfilling the need of a pedestrian bridge. A few meters ahead, we were engulfed by mist and the visibility reduced greatly and we could hardly see the person ahead of us. As I took small steps ahead, it appeared to be a journey into infinity. Did the gods want us to stay back or was it the test of our grit and determination that we were blessed with during our stay at the feet of Harmukh and Gangabal Lake.

Soon it started raining and the muddy pathway was slippery and slushy. The endless pine forests engulfed by mist on one side and the high mountains on the other gave constant company while I tried my best to judge every step. It was a steep descent which was pretty hard on the knees and the toes and being mindful of every move was the only way out. After a 3 hour downward descent, I had a glimpse of structures which appeared to be houses that dotted the valley along a mountain stream. The destination seemed so near yet we had to walk for another 3 hours but the misty views gave way to fall colours. It was perhaps one of the best times to be with nature. Give to nature a little bit of time, attention and love and get ready to receive the infinite windfall of love and happiness !! I look back fondly at the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek and would urge everyone to consider walking through this breathtaking landscape.

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